Alone. The silence of the jungle imposed its dread. The prize I hunted appeared lost. Defeated? Never. The pulsing stars above lit the map. The call to adventure had been rung.

As I surrender to  the warmth of your memory my childhood plays before my eyes. The walls that once echoed our innocent laughter now feel empty without your embrace.

The evening fog enveloped the park. Around us the leaves enjoyed a dance in the breeze. I felt a tingle down my spine. As a copper leaf drifted between us I caught the warmth in your eyes.

The mundane drum of the party ceased. I had arrived. The twinkle in my eye announced my intentions. I strutted over to the jukebox. Their eager gaze followed. I pressed play.

I lay on a cloud of blue petals. A gentle kiss from the sun met my forehead. Relaxation flowed through my veins. Shaking hands with the soft breeze I drifted into a dream.

My heart floods with joy. Your eyes burst with pure innocence. Hope pulsates through me when you clutch my finger. I will love you forever.

Our love is destined to blossom. Around us the pages of every story written fade to dust. But. ours is yet to be written. The story of our love will bloom eternal.

To escape the confines of responsibility. I remember. Running carefree by the shores. The golden sun echoing the playful waves. My smile is unencumbered. I am free.

I had emerged from my pod. The colored smoke shrouded me. My heart throbbed in tune to the beat of the drums. I was connected to the pulse of the city. We were one.

This day is ours. The sidewalk sparkles to announce our step. No one can stand in our way. Our sisterhood will conquer all. Now is our time.

I basked in their reverence. Flashing lights accentuated the aura of my bittersweet spell. A snap of my fingers my keys to the city. They were but pawns to my whimsey.

My heart fluttered as he spoke. His voice danced around me like a poetic breeze. But. His eyes betrayed his true intent. Should I indulge his deception?

Your touch burns through the darkness of the room. My eyes are blurry, my knees are weak and my body is drained.

He was confused. He knew what he wanted, but not how to get it. He looked expectantly at me for direction. I gave him no hints. I enjoyed this game.

She captivated me completely. I belonged to her. I felt no guilt for the ones I would be leaving behind. They had been erased. I entered a new state.

A fragment of your torment still survives. I needed strength. On command, my glass refilled. I clutched it for support. Your remnant would soon be extinguished.

Treasured desire lay behind the door. Lavish warmth called. Its beckon muted the whisper of shame. My hand hovered over the doorbell. Should I?

I thrust the accelerator. Distance from you was freedom. The roar of the engine drowned out the stench of your echo. I was flying.

Two beings crossed paths, one wild and one tame. Each unknowingly holding the key to the other's affection. They knew each other, before they ever met. They called out for each other, before they ever spoke. Taking what they needed from each other, all they asked for in return was infinity.

Anchored amidst the havoc. United by a vision for better days.