Sustainability – ARCADIA


      The goal of obtaining a better planet is the responsibility of everyone. Arcadia strives to produce all products as environmentally friendly as possible. We care to keep our ecological footprint small during the ever evolving process of sustainability.

Predominantly recyclable

       We strive to make all our packaging from recycled materials, recyclable or reusable.
All fragrances come in an ecological and elegant pouch made of natural fabrics.
Ideal to store your perfume or to use it for other purposes.
To further reduce our ecological footprint, we always use the same perfume bottles during production. 

Handmade, sourced & crafted locally

In order to minimize any negative environmental impact, Arcadia likes to work with local craftsmen. Thus, our candles, Bakhoor & Midkhan were handmade from recycled materials like recycled cement and reused steel. By doing so, we are able to produce our products in an eco-friendly manner and support local craftsmen.


Say goodbye to the cap magnet

     Why use a magnet, when you have steel? We don’t use a magnet, because we simply don’t need them.
The weight of the steel does all to work to keep your fragrance safe and closed.

Cruelty free

Fragrance should be, and is cruelty free at Arcadia. Why test on animals when perfume is meant for the human sense of smell? Every candle we produce is made of a blend of natural waxes which are free of animal products and testing.

In addition, extensively test the safety of our perfumes in our laboratory. It helps that we do not use any chemicals that could in any way harm us or our environment. At Arcadia, we only use high quality and safe ingredients. And the scents? Those are established by Amna, and her team of niche fragrance professionals.